2-5-2018 Sometimes the anointing of God can melt the hardest of hearts, even the hearts
of thugs, and they will get born again as a result of the power and strength of the anointing
of God.

1-1-2018 Every single time that you lead someone to Christ, call out a coworker, a friend, or
a family member's name before the Lord that you know that needs to be saved and ask him
to save them. Then watch him do it, because you are helping him reach his harvest of souls
and you're helping getting them saved, the Lord will cause you to reap what you are sowing
and cause those that you love and care for to get saved.

12-11-2017 Keep things simple when you are preaching the Gospel. Don't try to over preach
Jesus, and what I mean by that is do not try to lure people to Jesus by making a bunch of
promises to them of what Jesus is going to do for them, such as; if you get saved, Jesus is
going to give you a new car, a new house, a whole bunch of money, and he will heal you. Do
not make the Gospel about material things and money and inflated promises. You want
people to come to Jesus because they see for themselves that they need him in their lives
and they need him to forgive them of their sins, but if you just preach a God of materialism
only, then it is possible they are not truly getting born again, but instead they are religiously
just saying a prayer to receive Jesus just to get the stuff, but they really don't want him at all,
and they don't want him for who he really is. Besides, there are plenty fake and false religions
that have all the stuff, the money, the great wealth, the gold, and the oil rich pleasures of life,
but what good is that if they will die here on earth and still go to Hell for eternity. The Lord
wants people saved, truly saved, not for a promise of things, but for a promise of him being
their exceeding great reward. That is the simplicity of the Gospel. Just keep it simple. As
people walk with the Lord, they will find out for themselves that the Lord is good and he
blesses and takes care of them.

Feed them! Sometimes one of the best ways to reach people for the Lord with
the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a very tangible way is to feed the people that you are trying to
reach. In
Mark 6:33-44, Matthew 14:13-21, Matthew 15:29-39, Mark 8:1-9, Luke 9:10-17,
and even in John 6:1-15
, you will see that on several different occasions, Jesus used this
same method and principle to minister to the physical needs of the people that came to hear
him. A lot of times, when we would do crusades and ministry outreaches in public spaces
and parks, we would bring the food and clothing ministry out there and let the people get
groceries and as much clothes as they could carry home with them, and we would do an
open air concert and feed them. We would have a Bar-b-que feast for them. We had teams
to cook chicken leg quarters, hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks on the grill, and we would
feed them perlo rice, macaroni, potato salad, green beans, collard greens, crab salad, drinks,
etc. I found that when you feed people, they will listen to you, even more so when the food is
good and not just some cheap throw together. They can see that you really care about them
in a real way and they experience the love of God in a tangible way. Businesses in the
Church and in the communities will most often love to partner with you and even grocery
stores will donate to some of these kinds of community events out of their budget as a
sponsor, because it gives them advertisement as a sponsor, and even a lot of shoe
manufacturers will donate shoes to give away to those that are less fortunate, and all of those
kinds of partnerships help make things like that on a large scale possible. Those are just
some additional tools that you can use as bait to get people there that otherwise just might
not come. They may come for one thing and end up hearing the gospel from a platform or
from the trained street team members planted in the crowds to preach to and pray with
people on an individual basis, called Body Ministry, and you can win souls like that all day
long. Wherever you are, depending on the community that you are trying to reach, clothes
and food is another tool that you can use to draw people and minister to them in a tangible
way. Sometimes if people are hungry, they won't listen to you, if the noise coming from
hunger pains in their stomachs is louder than those things that you are preaching and
speaking. Minister to their physical man by feeding them and they will let you preach to
them and hear what you have to say about Jesus. A lot of ministers only preach audibly
when it comes to street or outdoor evangelism, but Jesus showed us a greater principle in
feeding them, and ministering to their natural man also. Both streams working together
makes an effective outreach if you are doing things on a much greater scale.

11-29-2017 Before you attempt to go out and win souls, you should always bind up the
strong man, the devil, in prayer before you head out that day.
Study Mark 3:27, Matthew
12:29, Luke 11:21-22, Luke 10:17-20, Matthew 16:18-19, and then Matthew 18:18-20
By doing this simple step, you will see more souls get saved. Also when it is time for you to
give the invitation for salvation, if you notice one or more people may be struggling to say
yes to Jesus as their Lord and Savior, then softly say under your breath, "In the name of
Jesus, I bind up the strongman of doubt, fear, and unbelief, and I loose the power of the Holy
Spirit to draw them to salvation through Jesus Christ," and you will see a miraculous
turnaround, because at certain times, a hindering spirit will try to get in their mind with
second thoughts to persuade them otherwise. Your prayers of binding up that strongman will
be what looses them to make a quality decision to accept Jesus to be their Savior and Lord.

11-28-2017 Always pray before you go out to win souls and specifically say this, "
Lord direct
my steps to the people today that you know that needs to be saved and will say yes to you
today, and give me all the right words that I need to say to them on your behalf
." I guarantee
that you will see many people saved every day when you pray like that. I can tell you that
from experience and leading well over 250,000 souls to Christ through the years. The Lord
knows who needs to be saved right then on the spot and if you ask him to lead you to them,
then he will, because he is after the harvest and he wants people to be saved more than you
want them saved.

11-27-2017 If you can reach them, then reach them, but if you perceive that you won't be
able to reach them, then move on to other people that you are able to reach. Doing
evangelism will show you that you won't be able to reach everybody all of the time, but don't
let a devil occupy all of your time, because you will have some encounters with some people
where it will be a pure devil from hell in them, and being under the influence and the control
of Satan, they will try to waste your time and tie up all of your time by trying to question you
and debate you over the word of God. You will also find out that the devil knows the word of
God too and you will sometimes run into those religious spirits that knows how to quote the
Scripture quite well, but they are just agents for Satan sent to buffet you and to hinder you
and try to delay your progress in reaching other lost souls for God and for his Kingdom. Just
learn to move on and keep the main thing the main thing. You are not there to waste time
and debate back and forth with a religious devil, but you are out there to win souls.

11-26-2017 Some of you want the gifts of the Spirit to operate fluently in your life, but there
is no need for them to be active and in operation if you are not going out into the harvest to
win souls and going out in an environment where they can be used, because they are
needed. You want to see all those gifts kick in, then go out and tell people about Jesus, and
you'll see his hand come upon you and those gifts will pour through you, because the Lord
will be the one using you and backing you up and fulfilling your words with signs following.
See Mark 16:15-20 and then Isaiah 44:26. God never gives you gifts to lie dormant. They
are to be used.

11-25-2017 As an evangelist or anyone that does street ministry of any kind, the Lord wants
you to see what he sees in the people that you come in contact with. That is the first key of
you having the heart of God to win souls. If you pray and ask the Lord to show you what he
sees in the lives of the people that he and you are trying to reach, he will. He will show you
their hurts and pains. He will show you if they have been raped, molested, abused, robbed,
or any other thing. He will show you if they are homeless or need healing in their bodies,
and he will use you to tell them those things upfront so that they will know that he is real
and that he will heal them and restore them. He will at that point work through your hands
and prayers to release those things and many will get healed and be restored, some will get
it instantly, and others will leave your face that day and get it over time, but the process will
have started in their lives the same day that you spoke it over them. It is imperative as a soul
winner to know the heart and the mind of God concerning people and to see what he sees
in them, because what he reveals is what he wants to heal.




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