This section is designed to show and reveal to you some very strategic things that the Lord is doing and is releasing and about to do in this hour. Read and be blessed. These prophecies are designed to be watched with the news, local, national, and international news agencies so that you can watch and see when these prophecies written here are being fulfilled. You will see all of these prophecies come to pass, and you will see all of them in the news, so watch!

6-20-2021 A major NATO war is coming that will present a major challenge to the nations.

6-19-2021 Some missiles will hit in various places in the Middle East and in various parts of Africa, but no one will claim that they had anything to do with it.

6-19-2021 I heard the Lord say, 'Record high waters.'

5-10-2021 Europe will be on high alert about many things for a season. 

5-4-2021 The first wave was a wakeup call, but this second wave will be much more powerful and nation shaking among the nations.

4-24-2021 They will say, there is no seismic activity here and neither has there ever been, but suddenly something will wake up under the earth where they are and will be a cause for concern in certain places.

4-24-2021 Russia will be surprised in the days ahead by something they will not be expecting, and it will catch them off guard simply because they won't be expecting it.

2-11-2021 Things are going to get so bad within the nations that they will be calling for the same people and church folks to pray and to advise them that they were trying to censor, shut up, cancel, shut down, and ban. Things are going to take a turn suddenly.

1-15-2021 Actions by China will force a new type of military alliance to be formed among Asian Nations and Islands in the Pacific Theater.

1-15-2021 A provocation by Iran will light a match in the Middle East in the days ahead that will burn for many days.

1-15-2021 Actions by Iran will spark a nuclear arms race among nations in the Middle East Nations and will lead to massive military buildups and the drive for more advanced weapons by Middle East Nations that will have a domino effect worldwide to some degree.

1-11-2021 North Korea will be shaken by a very rare and strong earthquake that will have an effect on the entire Korean Peninsula.

1-1-2021 Japan will have to be careful with China in 2021, because they will find themselves getting drawn into something that will shake the area. The Pacific Region will be an area of major concern.